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Ruin Regions
« on: November 14, 2010, 03:15:49 am »
For those who may be following the progression of Ruin, and have likely been confused with the lack of progression, I would like to inform you of our recent change.

Ruin Regions is the newest Ruin project and for the time being Ruin MMO will be put on hold. Ruin Regions will still be an MMO game, though a different style.

Ruin Regions will give all players the opportunity to manage their own region, in vast detail. You will be able to name your region, ruler, title and seek out the greatest minds and strategists in Ruin Regions to add to your ranks. These members of your team will assist you in selecting what type of government you wish to have (anything from an Elective Democracy to a Militaristic Autocracy!) and what policies you wish to enact. If you want to enslave your populace and put them to work, that's your choice! However, if you choose to take a more benevolent approach and supply your populace with civil rights and opportunities you may see your region flourish.

After you establish your own Region and build up enough supplies, technologies and military, you may choose to align yourself with other player created regions. Or you may choose to invade player created regions in an attempt to expand your own region!

Ruin Regions will be a very realistic game in which all policies you enact and actions you take will effect your Region and your support. For example, ruling with a Militaristic government may prove more profitable on a planet like Com-Mecha, where the populace is already under such a ruler. Likewise, a Democratic government wouldn't be pleased with a Ruler who enacts Slavery or issues a Draft.

With so many unique features to be implemented into Ruin Regions, it's the perfect opportunity for any player to create their own distinct Region.

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